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Outline. An Autobiography. Paul Nash.


Hardback, 280 pages 14 Colour illustrations 9 Black and White illustrations Published 16 October 2016 Edited by David Boyd Haycock. Written by Paul Nash and Margaret Nash.   Oultine is four books in one. The first part is an autobiography, the second part are the notes Nash compiled to complete his autobiography, the third part are letters h…

John Christie Wright - Artist and Sculptor


Behind every name on a war memorial there is a story, but that of John Christie Wright, commemorated on the Rothiemay War Memorial – a small community in what was formerly Banffshire – is particularly remarkable. Above: Rothiemay war memorial (c) Moray Council 2021  John Christie Wright was born in Aberdeen on 22 August 1889, the son of Moses, …

A Voice from the Trenches 1914–18: From the Diaries and Sketches of Bernard Eyre Walker by Bernard Eyre Walker and edited by Sara Woodall


(Blackthorn Press, 2020), £18.00, paperback, 192 pages with illustrations ISBN 978–1–906–25958–7 Bernard Eyre Walker’s diary was lost – not recently, as it has been known to be in the Liddle Collection for many years – but during the great retreat caused by the Kaiserslacht. It was returned to him some years after the war ended as the German soldi…