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CANCELLED 'From business as usual to total war' by Tony Bolton


Did Britain have a strategy for fighting the Great War or did we just blunder from crisis to crisis? During his presentation, our speak Tony Bolton will explain all. Business as usual was a policy followed by the British government, under Prime Minister H H Asquith , during the early years of the First World War Its fundamental belief was that in…

Francis McLaren, Liberal MP for Spalding : Gallipoli and RFC


On 30 August 1917, Francis McLaren, who was a Liberal MP for Spalding, was killed in an Avro 504 A which fell into the sea off Montrose. He was on a training flight at the time. Second Lieutenant McLaren was undergoing pilot training with Number 18 Training Squadron (RNVR).  Although rescued by a fishing boat, Francis did not regain consciousnes…

Staring at God: Britain in the Great War by Simon Heffer


Penguin Random House  £30 914pp, bibliog, ills, notes and refs, index. ISBN: 9781847948311  By Simon Heffer  Before offering my opinion of this book, I own up to reading the publishers press release which, as always, accompanied it. It offered the opinions of reviewers from leading magazines and the national press.  The views selected were, as…