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The Guns of August by Barbara Tuchman


‘Never judge a book by its cover’ or so the old adage goes. However, the cover of my edition of Barbara Tuchman’s The Guns of August suggested rather the opposite might be the case. In opening her account of the outbreak of the Great War, Tuchman chooses to go back to May 1910 and the state funeral of Edward VII. Her carefully crafted opening sente…

ONLINE: 'Myths of Audregnies, 24th August 1914' by Major Phil Watson


Caption: 'The Taking of the Guns, 1914. Coloured engraving after Richard Caton Woodville, published by the 'Illustrated London News', 1914. Courtesy: National Army Museum   About this talk: This talk examines the famous charge at Audregnies, on 24 August 1914 during the Battle of Mons. On that day, the 9th Lancers and 4th Dragoon Guards, along wi…

Smith Dorrien and the Mons Campaign with David Keable Elliott


David will be discussing Sir Horace Lockwood Smith Dorrien's involvement in the Battle of Mons, the period prior to the battle and the retreat. He'll mention that Sir Horace only took command of the 2nd Corps following the untimely death of Sir James Grierson and had arrived just days before the battle. His period of command was fraught with diffic…