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23 August 1914 : Serg-farrier Frans Raymond Paqué


Son of parents Jozef (Joseph) Leopold Paque and Joanna Hofman. He was a shoemaker, married to Josephina (Josephine) Maria Bomhals (born 1 April 1893, died 28 July 1973) A volunteer soldier since 1903, 108/5106 Sergent-Fourrier, 1st Battalion, 8th Line, 3rd Company. He enlisted in Dendermonde in August 1914.was killed in action at Boninne (Belgi…

028: Spring 1990


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23 April 1916 : Charles Fernand Sylvain van Eleghem


Charles was living in Brussels when he began his military service in 1905. By 1914, Charles was serving as an officer of the reserve when he was mobilised into service on 1st August 1914 and possibly saw some action during the Battle of Halen. In January 1915 , Charles was serving on the Yser Front with the 2nd company of the newly formed 2e …

21 April 1916: Louis Cloosstermans


Louis was still living in his town of birth at the time of the German invasion in August 1914. After escaping to France as a refugee, he volunteered for service in the Belgian Army for the duration of the war in early 1915 and served on the Yser Front (specifically Nieupoort, Drie Grachten, Ramskapelle and Dixmude) with the 13e Linieregiment f…

26 April 1916: 137/15564 Luit. Arthur Pierre Joseph Ghisain Lupsin


Luit. Luspin was mobilised on 1 August 1914. He saw action at the Battle of Halen on 12 August, and the Battle of the Yser before settling into the static warfare on the Yser front from the winter of 1914 through to 1916. Arthur was killed in action after being fatally shot through the mouth, possibly by a German sniper, near Steenstraat, Fla…

10 December 1915 : Robin Everingham


Robin's parents were William and Patricia Florence. Robin was educated by private tutor. When was was declared on 4 August 1914, Robin was at sea on a return voyage from South America. He was completing his 4th year for a navigation certification on the SS Pentwyn. The ship was taken for a transport by the Government; they were moving big guns…