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WWI Crusaders: A band of Yanks in German by Jeffrey B Miller


WWI Crusaders: A band of Yanks in German – occupied Belgium help save millions from starvation as civilians resist the harsh German rule. August 1914 to May 1917 by Jeffrey B Miller Milbrown Press, Denver, USA (2018), £9.67 (Amazon),  724 pp, pb, 126 ills, notes, bibliography, index.  ISBN: 978–099–068–938–6  I must admit that all I knew about …

Belgium in the Great War by Jean-Michel Veranneman


Belgium in the Great War Pen & Sword (2018), £25.00 hb, 226pp, 47 ills and maps. ISBN: 978–152–671–660–6  As the ostensible reason for the British Empire going to war, and the site of perhaps its most ‘holy ground’, Belgium is a subject about which we should know more. It was in this vein that I opened this book, a worthy attempt to satisfy …

Ep.241 – Lost But Not forgotten. The Archaeological Recovery of First World War Casualties - Simon Verdegem


Belgian battlefield archaeologist Simon Verdegem talks about his work recovering First World War casualties in Belgium. Simon talks to Tom Thorpe about the process for conducting archaeological investigations and what can be learnt from such activities. Your browser does not…