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Film Review : '1918 The Battle of Kruty' by Aleksey Shaparev


1918 The Battle of Kruty is top and tailed by a contemporary Ukrainian soldier visiting the memorial to those killed at Kruty in January 1918 the tale tells the story of a group of students, their loves and families, as plucky efforts are made to stave off the conquest of Ukraine by the burgeoning and enormous forces of the Bolshevik army. With a k…

History's Greatest Heist: the Looting of Russia by the Bolsheviks by Sean McMeekin


Yale, 2008 $38, 228 pp, ills, index.  ISBN 978 0 3001 3558 9  This is a factual tale of cops and robbers, mainly robbers, who claimed they were Robin Hoods expropriating the expropriators to benefit the proletariat. Almost all the gold, currency, silver, jewels and jewellery the Bolsheviks seized from Russian and foreign bankers, industrialists,…