Stand To! No.132 is out now. Print copies have been delivered, digital copies are about to go out to Digital Members, and it will also shortly be made available via out digital search plaform. 

Stand To! 132 Contents

  • The Camera Returns (113) by Bob Grundy and Steve Wall...4–5
  • The War in Ukraine and the First World War by Hew Strachan...6–11
  • Germany, Russia, the First World War and Fall of the Tsar by Gordon Corrigan...12–17
  • Bloody April: The Royal Flying Corps and the Battle of Arras, 1917 by Peter Hart...18–22 
  • The Russian Invasion of Ukraine Echoes of the Great War in the twenty–first century by Roman Nekoliak...23–30
  • A Chaplain’s Lot Was Often Not A Happy One: Chaplaincy in the Great War There are no atheists in foxholes [Origin of the quote is disputed] by Nigel Cave...31–35
  • ‘Behind the Barbed Wire Fence’ Ukrainian internment in Canada during the Great War by Vivien Newman...36–42 
  • An ‘Argonaut Voyage’ Into Chaos Saxon 212. Infanterie–Division in Southern Ukraine, April 1918 – March 1919 by Andrew Lucas...43–52
  • ‘The Right Medicine for the Bolshevist’ British air–dropped chemical weapons in North Russia, 1919 by Simon Jones...53–61
  • A Trench Across Time: Wounding and recovery, from the Western Front to the defence of Ukraine by Emily Mayhew...62–65 
  • The Development of German Great War Defensive Tactics and their Applicability in the Twenty–First Century by Jack Sheldon...66–71 
  • Psychological Wounds of War Bakhmut and Third Ypres compared by Edgar Jones...72–75 
  • The German Occupation of Ukraine 1918 A forgotten chapter of the First World War by Peter Lieb...76–83 
  • Garrison Library...84–88 

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