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The most successful British Bomber Aircraft of The First World War


An introduction to British Aircraft of the First World War If one were asked to choose a paradigm to represent the effect of a major war on the speed of technological change, the evolution of heavier-than-air aircraft in the First World War would be a good choice. But of particular note would be the dramatic development of the immediate pre-war...

DH9 From Ruin to Restoration: The Extraordinary Story of the Discovery in India & Return to Flight of a Rare WW1 Bomber


By Guy Black  Grub St. £20 206 Pages 7 Appendices. ills throughout, bibliog,  index ISBN: 9781908117335  As Guy Black, a dedicated and unparalleled restorer of vintage aeroplanes relates, as a treasure map it was disappointing: a much–folded copy of a map of north west Rajasthan near the Pakistan border. Marked by a cross was the city of Bikaner...