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Ep. 144 – British West Indies Regiment and the Taranto 1918 Mutiny – Tony T


Tony T, Oral Historian and Producer from Sweet Patootee productions, talks about a historical documentary he made with colleagues interviewing former black veterans who served in the British West Indies Regiment during the Great War and who witnessed their Regiment’s involvement in the mutiny at Taranto, Italy, in December 1918. …

Great War to Race Riots by Madeline Heneghan and Emy Omora


Madeline Heneghan and Emy Onuora Writing on the Wall Toxteth Library Windsor Street Liverpool L8 1XF Published by Writing on the Wall 2017 ISBN: 978-1-910580-19-6 We are told of how the research came about to produce this book and are given a succinct history of Liverpool’s maritime trade and how it at the forefront of the slave trade from …