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Brothers In War by Michael Walsh


ISBN: 978 0 09 190884 3  SB426pp £7.99 Published by Elbury Press.   Edited by Michael WalshThis book follows the lives of the eight Beechey brothers, sons of a Lincolnshire vicar and his wife. The boys were part of a family of 14 children. The book is based around letters sent to their widowed mother by the boys, the letters having been preserved …

The Finney Brothers and their Great War - Alwyn Killingsworth


All three Finney brothers were pre-war regulars, one served in the Royal Canadian Artillery/Royal Canadian Horse Artillery and the other two were in the, Boer War. Both ultimately served in the 6th Dragoon Guards with one becoming commissioned into the Tank Corps. There will be a Lincolnshire connection here too.

Brothers in Arms: Three Died and Three Survived the First World War


The First World War resulted in terrible suffering for many families, but the Willis family was among those that paid the highest of prices: six brothers went to war, but only three came home. Of the surviving siblings, one had lost a leg and the other two also left with recurring health problems. The Willis family had travelled from Nottingham to…