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The Battle of Cambrai - why did it succeed and what went wrong? November 1917


The Battle of Cambrai in November 1917 turned out, for both Britain and Germany, to be a major signpost showing how to break the trench deadlock of the previous three years. The lessons of the operational successes and failures would be digested by both sides over the forthcoming winter. For the British, especially, the battle failed to live up...

Drunk as a Lord? The dismissal and redemption of Lord Edward Seymour


Cambrai - Attack and stalemate The British attack at Cambrai on 20 November 1917 is well known for the mass-use of tanks for the first time. This operation, initially highly successful, was originally intended to be little more than a large-scale raid, but evolved into a much more ambitious affair. Whilst the use of tanks has made this action fa...

CANCELLED - Cambrai, there was more to it than tanks by Ross Beadle


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ONLINE EVENT - Cambrai, there was more to it than tanks by Ross Beadle


ONLINE Zoom Meeting - Cambrai, there was more to it than tanks by Ross Beadle The battle lasted 13 days, but the tanks, which made the battle famous, had little role to play after 2pm on the first day. How did Byng's grand plan for encircling the Germans go wrong? He used new artillery silent registration methods, tanks in a mass formation for t...

Battle of Cambrai - Chris Copson - Replaces the North Somerset Yeomanry


 Please Note that North Somerset Yeomanry by Tim Bickerdike talk has been postponed .  Chris Copson education officer at the Tank Museum examines the Battle of  Cambrai. For the first time after many perceived failures the Tank Corps would be given a chance to prove it's worth on ground suitable for Tanks.  Members of the WFA and non-members ali...

ONLINE: Communications at Cambrai


The presentation will be live and online.   In light of the enormous attention it has generated, one could be forgiven for thinking that there really isn't anything new to be said about the Battle of Cambrai in November 1917. However, there was more to Cambrai than just tanks, church bells and stormtroops. One such neglected element of the b...