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Release of ‘Mutiny’ : Black British veterans tell their story of the Great War


A secret history of the First World War that the British Empire tried to hide. Black British veterans tell their story of the Great War. Now available on Amazon Prime 102 year old interviewee Gershom Browne Gresham Browne as a solder in 1915- age 18 In 1914 as the Great War began the majority of the British Empire’s non-white population we…

Race, War and Nationalism by Glenford Howe


Glenford Howe has produced an important, well researched and thoughtful analysis on the black West Indian population of the British colonial islands of the Caribbean of the impact of British imperialism before, during and after the First World War.   Race, War and Nationalism is a pleasure to read. The quality and depth of the evidence-based resea…

26 December 1916 : 2nd LT George Bemand


George was the eldest of four children of Mary Ann Bemand (also known as ‘Minnie’ from Jamaica). It appears that the children's father was George Bemand (bachelor farmer). George was one of eight children born on a 300 acre farm (where they had five servants and six farm labourers) on Humberside to Robert Bemand. Robert died in 1899. George never…