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March Trench Lines


March Trench Lines provided the then latest regarding the Covid-19 pandemic and notified members of that all national and branch events would be either postponed or cancelled, at least until May. The current thinking is that such cancellations are likely to endure through to the summer. Please be advised and check with organisers before attending …

Ep. 33 – The 'Spanish Flu' Pandemic 1917-19 – Dr Jane Orr


Medical doctor and historian Dr Jane Orr talks to the podcast about the “Spanish Flu” pandemic which killed up to 100 million people across the world between 1917 and 1919.

Help save Talbot House


The wonderful and iconic Talbot House, a living memorial to the men who lived and served on the Western Front out of Ypres, needs your help. Recent investments in the permanent exhibition hall due to open for the new season starting in April leaves this non-profit charity in need of donations. A home for home for soldiers during the First World…

IWM Opens its Museums


IWM Museums are open and welcoming visitors. 

Here are the guidelines relating to Covid-19.

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