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The Safe Passage of BEF Troopships August 1914


Comparatively little outside of the Official History has been written about the defensive measures established to cover the initial transport of the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) to the continent in August 1914 and that may well be because of their success. The Royal Navy, with its traditional global perspective, had held little enthusiasm for…

Battleship Texas by Hugh Power


Texas A&M Press College Station TX, (1993, reissued 2000),  pb 161pp, index. £15.95. ISBN 0 89096 516 1. [This review first appeared in the edition of Stand To! No.63] The USS Texas, commissioned in 1914, is the only dreadnought survivor of the Grand Fleet. She served in 1918 in the Sixth battle Squadron and was present at the surrender …

A talk by Greg Baughen 'From Flying Dreadnought to Dogfighter - the troubled birth of the British Fighter'


Greg has been researching the history of British and French air forces for over 40 years with a focus on how air power developed in both countries.  He has written several books and published numerous articles.  He will be bringing some of his books along to the meeting for sale. image: a sketch of a Bristol F.2B fighter biplane in flight, seen fr…

The Fleet that Jack Built; the introduction of the Dreadnought 1900-1914 by Scott Lindgren


In 1906, the supposedly revolutionary new battleship, HMS Dreadnought, was commissioned into the Royal navy. This lecture examines her background, her characteristics and progeny, whether the policy that created her was wise and looks at Jack Fisher’s role.