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The 2nd Northants at Neuve Chapelle


The initial impetus behind this article was research on Lieutenant George Duff Gordon, who hailed from Elgin. During the course of this it became apparent that 2 Northamptonshire Regiment had suffered heavy losses over the period between 10 and 13 March 1915, with the war diary identifying that of 20 officers, 10 were killed, 7 wounded, with one mi…

22 April 1915 : Pte Albert Troughton


Albert was the son of Nathaniel Troughton (a coal miner) and Ann Elizabeth (née Warner)  At the 1901 Census that family lived at 59 Eden Street, Coventry At the time of the 1911 Census (and of their son’s death) Nathaniel, Ann and other members of the family lived at 14 Ash Grove, Stoney Station Road, Coventry. Albert was one of three boys and …