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Scotts Official History of the American Negro in the World War [1] by Mr Emmett J Scott (1919)


Mr Emmett J Scott was Special Assistant to Hon, Newton D.Baker, Secretary of War - so he had to be circumspect.   This is a reproduction of the 1919 printed on demand large format. Though not a hardback it is secure in a sturdy artificial binding. An attractive cover and reverse with examples of the kinds of photographs found inside featured her...

The Unknown Soldiers : Black American Troops in World War One


By Arthur E. Barbeau and Florette Henri (1974) Philadelphia Temple University Press  ISBN 0-877722-063-8 ‘The Unknown Soldiers’ is essential reading if you are interested in understanding how African-American soldiers served and were treated during the First World War as part of the American Army. The foreword is blunt about the authors revealin...