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Hawthorn Ridge : a forensic investigation into the archaeology and history of Hawthorn Crater


A podcast from the team at the Hawthorn Ridge Crater Association  The Hawthorn Redoubt was an formidable defensive position for the Germans which was blown up on the morning of 1 July 1916 by a mine that had been placed beneath the German stronghold on the ridge. The explosion, ten minutes before the whistles blew at 7:30am, destroyed the positi…

A talk by Steve Roberts 'Analysing the 1916 film 'The Battle of the Somme'


In 1916 Geoffrey Malins and John McDowell filmed the preparation for and early days of the Battle of the Somme.  The film was released in British cinemas in August 1916 and in the following weeks it was seen by millions of people.  In Canterbury it was screened at the St Georges Theatre in Lower Bridge Street. Running for 77 minutes, the film was …

'Ghosts on The Somme - Filming The Battle of the Somme' by Steve Roberts


'Ghosts on The Somme - Filming The Battle of the Somme' by Steve Roberts In early summer 1916, work started on a feature-length documentary film of the planned Somme Offensive. Filmed by cinematographers Geoffrey Malins and John MacDowell, “The Battle of The Somme” was released shortly after the opening phases of the battle. An estimated 20 millio…