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'The Story of the Iron Twelve' [Part 1] by Hedley Malloch


This article first appeared, in two parts, in the journal of The Western Front Association, Stand To! No. 87 and No. 88. Members of the WFA have access to the entire Stand To! archive editions 1 to the present day. See Join the WFA.  This is the story – told over two successive issues of Stand To! - of eleven British soldiers, trapped behind the l…

'Behind the Lines - The Story of the Iron Twelve' [Part 2] by Hedley Malloch


This article, Part 2 of 2 parts, first appeared in Stand To! No. 88. April/May 2010. This and all issues of Stand To! are available to Members to view via their Member Login.  In the first part of the story of eleven British soldiers, trapped behind the lines in the retreat from Mons to the Marne in the summer of 1914, Hedley Malloch told how they…

The Killing of the Iron Twelve by Hedley Malloch


This compelling read begins by establishing the context whereby the German Army of occupation in 1914/1915 could execute soldiers found behind the lines. A wide variety of examples are given of soldiers caught alone or in groups, sent to prisoner of war camps or executed. A similarly thorough and enlightening study is done for German treatment of…

'The Killing of the Iron Twelve' with Hedley Malloch


Between October 1914 and February 1915, the village of Iron, Aisne, France, sheltered eleven members of the BEF left behind during the retreat to the Marne. Eventually they were betrayed, and shot by the Germans in Guise Château before being buried in graves they had been forced to dig for themselves. In this talk I will tell of the soldiers’ arriv…

Trapped Behind the Lines: Stories of British Soldiers on the Run


Hedley Malloch will be giving a talk which will look at British soldiers trapped behind the lines in France and Belgium. Please join us for our first Branch meeting of the year.