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The British Route to War


Britain's entry into the Great War is far more complex than the reason for the country embarking on the Second World War. The following factors were mentioned by Sir Edward Grey (Foreign Secretary) in Parliament on the eve of war:[1] "Present Balkan Crisis" (ie assassination) Moroccan crisis Friendship with France Possible risk to (French) c…

Marlborough College in the Great War in 100 Lives


Although a relatively short book, and one of specialist interest, Marlborough College in the Great War in 100 Lives is large in format, concept and quality in its telling of the lives and deaths of former students in the Great War. Written by former pupils and staff and illustrated in colour and monochrome, the book underlines the often–undervalued…

General Sir Henry Wilson and the Disaster at Vimy - The German attack on IV Corps


If anyone who has an interest in the Great War is asked name an event associated with Vimy Ridge, it is likely that 9 out of 10 will immediately think of the Canadian attack of April 1917. This brilliant feat of arms is something that will always be remembered, but there is far more to Vimy Ridge than this battle. Throughout the First World War, t…

"Huntingdonshire Cyclists Battalions" by Martyn Smith


Martyn Smith, our branch treasurer, will be giving a presentation on a local army unit, the Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalions, who have been described as a cavalry unit using cycles instead of horses. Please note our new meeting venue which is Great Stukeley Village Hall, Great Stukeley, Huntingdon, PE28 4AL.