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'Aspects of Ireland’s Post War Conflict: The Life and Death of Terence MacSwiney'


This evenings's talk will be on the life and death of Terence MacSwiney the Irish playwright, author and politician who was arrested for sedition by the British Government and imprisoned in Brixton Prison. He died in October 1920 after 74 days of hunger strike. 

Ep. 32 – Brigadier General Frank Crozier – Charles Messenger


Historian Charles Messenger discusses his biography of controversial soldier Frank Crozier; Brigadier in the Great War, Inspector General of the Lithuanian Army and Commander of the Auxiliary Division of the Royal Irish Constabulary during the War of Irish Independence. 

ONLINE 'From Gunner to Guerrilla – Tom Barry’s Road to Rebellion' by Gerry White


    About the online talk: Tom Barry was one of the most significant and controversial figures on the republican side during the Irish War of Independence. As commander of the Flying Column of Cork No. 3 Brigade of the IRA, he conducted a number of successful operations against the forces of the Crown including the Kilmchael Ambush on 28 Novemb…

Ep.239 – Roscommon During the Great War and After - Dr John Burke


Historian and author Dr John Burke talks about the history of Roscommon in the 1912–23 during the Irish revolutionary period which covers the Great War, Irish War of Independence and Irish Civil War. Your browser does not support the audio element. …

Ep.245 – Brian Feeney – Antrim and the Irish Revolution, 1912 – 23


Journalist and historian, Dr Brian Feeney talks about his recent book exploring the impact of the First World War and Irish War of Independence on the County of Antrim in Ulster. Your browser does not support the audio element. Antrim in the…

'Wartime Dublin' with Professor Richard Grayson (Goldsmiths, University of London)


Traditionally, the story of Irish involvement in the First World War has been told in narratives separate to those of the Easter Rising and the wider Irish Revolution. Richard Grayson's 2018 book Dublin's Great Wars, offered a new narrative which combined all these events and processes, showing how the conflicts were closely intertwined. It also to…

‘The Barracks on the Hill: A History of Victoria/Collins Barracks Cork’ with Gerry White


Collins Barracks in Cork City is over 200 years old. First occupied in 1806, it was one of the largest British military installations in Ireland. Unlike other barracks in Ireland, it didn't serve as a regimental headquarters. Instead, because of its proximity to Cork harbour and the city's rail network, it became a staging post for British units he…

An Irish Family in War and Revolution by Denis Kirby


The decade between 1913 and 1923 was a time of war and revolution for the people of Ireland. It was also a time of divided loyalties. While over 200,000 Irish men served in the British armed forces during the Great War, thousands of others would join revolutionary groups like the Irish Volunteers to fight for an independent Irish Republic. This pre…