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011: Summer 1984


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British Bunglers and Butchers of World War One


Book review by Gary Sheffield. I should at once declare an interest. In July 1996 the BBC screened a Timewatch documentary on Douglas Haig. Dr. Laffin appeared as the main counsel for the prosecution, while I, along with several other historians, acted for the accused. Inevitably, the demands of television over-simplified the issues - I am by no m…

Command and Control on the Western Front: The British Army's Experience 1914-1918 by Dr Gary Sheffield and Dr Dan Todman


Spellmount, Staplehurst, £20, 223pp, maps, illustrations, notes, references, index. ISBN 1-86227-083-X BECKET (Prof IAN) AND CORVI (STEVEN):  Haig's Generals, Pen and Sword Books, Barnsley, £19.99, 217pp, maps, illustrations, notes, references, index. ISBN 1-84415-169-7  Published in 2004, it is, in the words of Stand To! Review Editor, Bob Wyatt…

On the Western Front. Soldiers' stories from France and Flanders by John Laffin


Anthology of Anecdotes from France and Flanders 1914-1918 277pp casebound. £11.95. (1986 price) Alan Sutton Publishing Ltd., Brunswick Road, Gloucester.  [This review first appeared in Stand To! N0.16  Spring 1986] John Laffin has clearly been collecting unconsidered anecdotes of the war on the Western Front for a very long time to be able to …