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053: September 1998


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106: July 2016 Special Edition


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Ep. 21 – Jutland and the Meaning of Victory – Prof Andrew Lambert


This recording is of a talk given by Professor Andrew Lambert, King’s College London, to the Antrim and Down WFA branch Somme Conference last October (2016) on the outcomes of the 1916 naval battle at Jutland. This engaging, one hour long special podcast is a talk given by Andrew Lambert in which he explores the controversies around the Battle...

The Battle of Jutland : May 1916


Of the countless acts of gallantry took place during the First World War, only a small proportion were recognised with the Victoria Cross.  Many of those who were awarded the VC were not out of their teens, for example Thomas Ricketts of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment earned his in 1918 when aged 17. The youngest winner of the VC in the Great W...

The Battle of Jutland: A Boy Telegraphist : 31 May 1916


On 31 May 1916 the largest naval battle of the First World War took place off the coast Denmark. the Battle of Jutland is now easily the most remembered of the First World War naval engagements. HMS Queen Mary put to sea with the rest of the Battlecruiser Fleet to intercept a sortie by the High Seas Fleet into the North Sea. The British had bee...

‘HMS Warspite and The Battle of Jutland’ with Peter Hart


We welcome back to Sussex historian and author and all round good chap Peter Hart. He will be speaking about HMS Warspite and The Battle of Jutland.  Peter is always popular and what a great way to start off 2024.   We ask for a £5 donation to cover our costs, all are welcome to our branch.

'Jutland - The Mightiest of Sea Battles' with Dr Rodney Atwood


The role of the Navy in the Great War does not, arguably, regularly receive the attention it deserves. In a welcome return, Dr Atwood will deliver his presentation on the most famous of sea battles of the entire Great War - The Battle of Jutland of May/June 1916