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Ep. 18 – Passchendaele – Dr Nick Lloyd


Dr Nick Lloyd, from King’s College London, discusses the Battle of Third Ypres and his new book Passchendaele, A New History (published by Viking Penguin).

Ep. 191 - The German Occupation of France in the First World War – Dr James Connolly


Dr James Connolly is the Associate Professor SELCS Faculty of Arts & Humanities, University College, London. In this Mentioned in Dispatches podcast he talks about his research into the French experience of military occupation by German forces during the First World War.  …

Ep.250.pt2 – The Western Front – Prof Nick Lloyd


Dr Nick Lloyd, Professor of Modern Warfare at King’s College London, talks about his recent book The Western Front. Your browser does not support the audio element. He considers the impact of the learning process/curve, why the Allies won…

The British War of War by Andrew Lambert


Yale University Press 2021 £25.00, 533 pages ISBN 978–0–300–25073–2 [This book review first appeared in the April 2022 issues of Stand To! No.126] This is a weighty book in every sense. It is lengthy, not surprisingly, as it deals with a complex and important matter, but more significantly it deals with serious concepts which are all too rare…