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Letters From A Lost Generation


ISBN: 0-316-64664-4  Hardback 427 pp  £18.99 Published by Little, Brown.  In these days of emails and texts, letters are not used widely as a means of communication. During the Great War however, letters were one of the few methods of keeping in touch. These letters give a more complete picture of Vera Brittain and the 4 men who she writes about …

Brothers In War by Michael Walsh


ISBN: 978 0 09 190884 3  SB426pp £7.99 Published by Elbury Press.   Edited by Michael WalshThis book follows the lives of the eight Beechey brothers, sons of a Lincolnshire vicar and his wife. The boys were part of a family of 14 children. The book is based around letters sent to their widowed mother by the boys, the letters having been preserved …

Clevedon's Own : The Great War 1914 -1918


ISBN: 1 901 084 41 8  PB 112 pp £9.95 (2008)Published by Clevedon History Publications.  Western Front Association member Rob Campbell has produced a fine book about the Somerset seaside town of Clevedon. Rob has lived in the town for many years and has collected medals awarded to residents of the town. Clevedon's Own is the result of years of res…