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Ep. 91 – The Morale of the Italian Army in the First World War – Dr Vanda Wilcox


Historian Dr Vanda Wilcox, Adjunct Assistant Professor of History at John Cabot University, talks about her recent book on the morale of the Italian Army during the Great War which has just been published in paperback by Cambridge University Press (from 20.12.2018).

Ep. 115 – English infantryman’s morale and the perception of crisis on the Western Front – Dr Alex Mayhew


Dr Alex Mayhew discusses his PhD that looked at the English infantryman’s morale and perception of crisis on the Western Front. 

Ep. 134 – Bairnsfather’s Better ‘ole' cartoon – Dr Helen Brooks & Dr Pip Gregory


On this week’s Dispatches podcast, Dr Helen Brooks, Reader in Theatre and Cultural History, School of Arts, and Dr Philippa Gregory, History HPL Tutor, both from the University of Kent, talk about Bruce Bairnsfather’s famous ‘Other ‘Ole’ cartoon and its impact and resonance during the Great War and after. …

ONLINE: The Morale and Discipline of British and Anzac troops at Gallipoli


The presentation will be live and online. It will commence at 8.30am (that is not a typo) UK time. The reason for the early start time is to enable this to be broadcast at a reasonable time in Australia and New Zealand. In this talk, Professor Gary Sheffield explores the morale, discipline  and combat motivation of British, Australian and New Ze…

Football in the First World War


For the the 2021/2022 season, Saturday 14 May marks the playing of the FA Cup final, 150 years on from the first ever final between the Wanderers and the Royal Engineers. Above: The Wanderers v Royal Engineers match programme - 1872 The result of the game will be important, not only to the supporters of Chelsea and Liverpool, but for millions o…

Ep 267 – Morale in the BEF on the Western Front, 1917-8 – Dr Alex Mayhew


Dr Alex Mayhew, a historian of the cultural, military, and social history of war and also a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, talks about his research into the morale of the British soldier in the final 18 months of the Great War. Your browser does not support the audio …

Our Christmas Lecture 'A new look at the morale of the British Army in the First World War' with Professor Gary Sheffields


The Branch is welcoming the Honorary President of the Western Front Association, Professor Gary Sheffield, BA MA PhD FRhistS who will discuss 'A new look at the morale of the British Army in the First World War'. Gary's presentation will be thought provoking, full of facts and a brilliant insight into the subject.    

Laugh or Cry: The British Soldier on the Western Front 1914-1918


Laugh or Cry: The British Soldier on the Western Front 1914-1918 Lively and supremely well informed, Peter Hart is a military historian specialising in the Great War. He was the Oral Historian at the Imperial War Museum from 1981 until his retirement and is the author of many Great War books. Here he is teamed up with his irrepressible collaborato…

London Pride Conference: The London Territorial Force in Peace and War, 1908-1921


Doors Open at 9.30 (conference starts at 10.00) to 16.30. The London Pride Conference in 2024 aims to offer a comprehensive exploration of the history and influence of the London Territorials during the years 1908 to 1921. The conference provides an opportunity for the authors of an edited volume of the same name, due to be published by Helion &am…

Ep. 331 - God and the British Soldier – Prof Michael Snape


Canon Professor Michael Snape, the Michael Ramsey Professor of Anglican Studies at Durham University, talks about religion, God and the British soldier in the First World War. Your browser does not support the audio element. Drawing from a t…