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033: Winter 1991


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Battle Tactics of the Western Front: The British Army's Art of the Attack 1916-1918 by Paddy Griffith


286pp. Yale University Press 1994. ISBN 0-300-05910-8  This is an important book. In it, Paddy Griffith lays to rest a whole series of myths about the tactical performance of the BEF in the second half of the war. He turns received wisdom on its head by arguing that in almost every respect, the British army was far ahead of the Germans. In the dev…

Storm Troop Tactics - Innovation in the German Army by Bruce I Gudundsson


1914-1918, 210 pp. Casebound, £30.95 in UK (through Eurospan books). Praeger, New York. 1989. ISBN 0275 93328 8. It is perhaps rare to find Great War tactics being held up as a model for today's soldiers—but this is the approach taken by Bruce Gudmundsson in his fascinating interpretation of Ludendorff's Germans for the benefit of Schwarzkopf's Am…