Notes by the Way (Notices from the Editor)

Long standing WFA Committee Members retire:

  • James Brazier (Treasurer since the inception of the WFA)
  • Maureen Arthur (Veteran Affairs Officer and Membership Secretary)
  • Kathy Stevenson (Assistant Secretary)
  • Roll of Honour (death of veteran members)

The Camera Returns (15) Peronne March 1918 

The Northern Irish Regiments

  • The Irish Guards
  • The Northern Irish Guards 

The Battles of the Somme and the Battle that Never was by Joy B Cave

  • The 18th (Eastern) Division 
  • Boom Ravine Area

Alpine Echoes. British PoWs in Switzerland by Philip Lewis

Langham's Scouts 1916-1919 by Paul Reed 

Our Hearts That Died by Cory B Kilvert JR

  • 2nd Lieutenant Jeffery Bradley Penfold (1886-1916)

IWM Publications by Dr G M Bayliss

Women's Services Roll of Honour by J D Stott

Divisional Signs

Another Unusual Formation

  • The 9th (Scottish) Division 

What is a Divisional Train? by Ronald Clifton 

War Establishments of Brigade HQs - 1914

The Home Front (24) Rationing

The Ross Rifle

The Transfer Controversy by Kevin W. Mitchinson

  • Parliament and the London Regiment

WFA Poets

Australia's Soldier-Settlers by S. Perth

Communication Lines (Letters to the Editor)

  • Divisional Concert Troupes
  • The National Guard
  • The end of Zeppelins
  • Grimsby Chums

The Diggers

  • Staff officers at the front
  • The 28th Division
  • Divisional Concert Troupes
  • Grimsby Chums

Garrison Library (First World War Books reviewed by Bob Wyatt unless otherwise stated)

  • At Duty's Call - A Study in Obsolete Patriotism by W J Reader (reviewed by Gary Sheffield)
  • The Diggers who signed on for more by Bruce Muirden
  • A Nation in Arms by Ian Beckett and Keith Simpson (Eds.) (reviewed by Gary Sheffield)
  • The Somme Battlefields by Martin and Mary Middlebrook
  • The War Walk by Nigel H Jones
  • Storm Troop Tactics - Innovation in the German Army 1914-1918 by Bruce I Gudmundsson (reviewed by Paddy Griffith)
  • The Anatomy of a Raid by Tony Spagnoly
  • July 1914. The Long Debate by John W Langdon
  • War Memorials - From Antiquity to the Present by Alan Borg (reviewed by Colin I. McIntyre)
  • The Leeds Pals by Laurie Milner
  • The Imperial War Museum Book of the First World War by Malcolm Brown
  • Poems by Wilfred Owen (reviewed by Bob Butcher)
  • The Western Front Illustrated 1914-1918 by John Laffin
  • Three Cheers for the Derrys! by Gardiner S. Mitchell
  • Welcome to Flanders Fields. The First Canadian Battle of the Great War, Ypres 1915 by D G Dancocks
  • A History of the First World War by John Buchan
  • Chronicle of the First World War Vol II by Randal Gray and Christopher Argyle
  • The Hell, the Humour and the Heartbreak by Bert Bishop
  • VCs of the Somme by Gerald Gliddon
  • Canada's Soldiers in Siberia 1918-1919 by John Skuce (reviewed by  W E Storey)

A History of the First World War by John Buchan

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