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Dear David ... Pension Record Cards Feedback


Here's some feedback about the Pension Records lookups we have conducted for a wide range of individuals: Andrew Gilpin I had sent a quick 'thank you' earlier, but I feel I must write again.  When I learnt that the Records had become available I went straight to the WFA website and did what I too often do, which is 'click' on everything in sight.…

Release date fixed for next set of Pension Records


Although there has been a slight slippage in the timescale, we are pleased to announce the date for the publication of the much-anticipated next set of the WFA's Pension Records. Our partners at Ancestry have informed us that the cards relating to pensions claimed for soldiers who were killed in the war will be rolled live during the week commenc…

Ep. 94 – The Great War Pension Record Cards – David Tattersfield


David Tattersfield, The Western Front Association Trustee, talks about the First World War Pension Record Cards that the WFA acquired from the Ministry of Defence in 2012 and how these records are to be made publicly accessible online. 

Interesting examples of Officers Pension Record Cards


Below are a few examples of officers cards and officers widows cards located in the WFA's Pension Record Cards archive. The first example is that of an officer who served in the Mercantile Marine, but who used an alias. At the time of writing, this officer has not been found within the CWGC database.  The officer's card below is revealing.  The…

The Raid on Yarmouth : 3 November 1914


The raid took place on 3 November 1914, and was an attack by the Imperial German Navy on the British North Sea port and town of Great Yarmouth by the German battlecruiser squadron under the command of Admiral Franz von Hipper. The intention was to lay mines off the coast of Yarmouth and Lowestoft and to shell Yarmouth. Little damage was done to th…