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007: Spring 1983


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046: April 1996


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British Prisoner of War Deaths: a case study from one PoW camp


Lidzbark Warminski, previously known as Heilsberg, is a town in northern Poland. In 1918, the area was part of East Prussia and was the location of one German's most easterly prisoner of war camps. The Heilsberg camp contained mainly Russian and Rumanian prisoners, with British and Commonwealth POWs only a small proportion of the camp population. …

Ep. 108 – Nobody of Any Importance – Phil Sutcliffe


Phil Sutcliffe talks about his father’s account of being an infantryman during the Great War. Your browser does not support the audio element.   Phil's father, Sam Sutcliffe, was a World War One 'Tommy.' He enlisted at the age of 16 in t…

Ep. 175 – Australian POWs during the First World War – Dr Aaron Pegram


Dr Aaron Pegram, Senior Historian at the Military History Section at the Australian War Memorial, talks about his recent book on Australian POWs on the Western Front during the First World War. This book is published by CUP.

Ep. 179 – German POWs on Cannock Chase – Richard Pursehouse


Richard Pursehouse talks about on his recent book on German POWs held at Brocton Camp on Cannock Chase, Staffordshire, during the Great War. This book is published by Pen & Sword.

121 : January 2021


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Stand To ! No. 121 Recently Published


Contents  Communication Lines 2–6  A Bridge Too Many on the Oise by Michael Carragher 7–11  A Short Spell on Mudros and Helles by Barbara Meredith 12–18  Another Lonely Anzac 1394 Private H V Meston 9th Battalion AIF by Paul Cobb 19–21  The Camera Returns (102) by Bob Grundy and Steve Wall 22–23  A Fascination for Flora Along the Western …

Holzminden ‘Colditz’ of the First World War?


The Second World War is probably more associated with escape exploits of prisoners of war, but there were a number of daring escapes (some more successful than others) during the Great War. The escape of 29 officers from Holzminden PoW Camp is probably the first ‘great escape’. Holzminden was a prison camp situated sixty miles south west of Hanove…

British Prisoners of War in First World War Germany by Oliver Wilkinson


Cambridge University Press, £66.99 hb (Amazon 2018), 322pp, 25 ills, incl. abbreviations, bibliog., index.  Also available as Kindle edition. ISBN: 978–110–719–942–2 [First reviewed in Stand To! No.112 June 2018]  The numbers of prisoners of war, on all sides, proved to be a major aspect of twentieth century warfare. Not least over 185,000 Brit…

2 January 1915 : Henry Bint, Duke of Edinburgh's (Wiltshire) Regiment


His father was Charles Bint (a general labour born in Essex) and his mother Charlotte Blint. His siblings at the 1901 census were Walter (born 1886), Ellen, Edith, Sidney (born 1896) and Herbert (born 1900). Indicative of their traveller lifestyle the children were born variously in Hampshire, Wiltshire, Berkshire and Somerset. At the time of …

Nobody of Any Importance. A Footsoldier's Memoir of WW1 - Sam Sutcliffe: A talk by Philip Sutcliffe


We welcome Phil Sutcliffe to our Hatfield Peverel venue on November the 8th, to present his father's wartime story. Phil edited and published his father's memoires and tells his story of underage enlistment, Gallipoli, The Somme, The German Offensive in 1918 and time as a POW. This is an amazing story and by giving that detail I have not given away…