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Ep. 11 – Winning with Laughter – Cartoonists in the Great War – Luci Gosling


Luci Gosling, from the Mary Evans Picture Library, discusses a talk she gave to the Western Front Association's 2017 AGM in Newcastle on cartoons, cartoonists and the Great War. Your browser does not support the audio element. Dr Tom Thorp…

Ep. 178 – Irish Recruitment in World War One – Dr Tim Bowman, Dr Michael Wheatley & Dr William Butler


Dr Timothy Bowman, a Reader in modern British military history, University of Kent, Dr William Butler, the Head of Military Records, The National Archives, UK and Dr Michael Wheatley, an independent researcher who writes on early twentieth century Irish politics, talk about their latest book, The Disparity of Sacrifice. This book examines the mi…

ONLINE: The Development and Influence of Propaganda by Britain 1914-18


The presentation will be live and online. This presentation by Clive Harris looks at the introduction, development and refinement of British Propaganda during the Great War from the manipulation of the domestic press, through to the ingenious influencing of neutral countries. This fascinating story of Britain's Propaganda war offers a number of m…