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The Russian Army and the First World War by Nik Cornish


The role of Russia and its army in the Great War is both poorly understood in the west and relatively poorly documented in English. This new book by Nik Cornish, an historian of the Russian Army - whose expertise as a picture researcher, is also underline in this new work - offers a valuable antidote. It plainly meets his stated objectives to provi…

Ep. 203 - The Russian Army in the First World War - Prof. Roger Reese


Professor Roger Reese, Professor of History at Texas A&M University in the USA talks about his research into the Russian Army before and during the Great War.

Members of the Russian women's 'Battalion of Death' training in Petrograd. © IWM Q 106250

'Russian Army in the First World War' a talk by Sofya Anisimova


This talk is an overview on the organization and structure of the Russian Army from the start of the Great War to the revolution The speaker is a PhD Candidate at the University of St Andrews, and Visiting fellow at the Institute of Historical Research in Bloomsbury. Her areas of speciality are coalition military strategy of the Entente, Russian F…

Ep.309 – Russian military strategy in the First World War – Dr Sofya Anisimova


Dr Sofya Anisimova talks about Russian military strategy during the First World War.


Sofya is a post doctoral researcher at University College Dublin in Ireland. Sofya examines the military…

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