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Two opportunities for your students to show what they know about the First World War


Two opportunities for your schools students to show what they know about the First World War.  1. The 2021-22 Malcolm Doolin Memorial Award for Local History Research  2 x £500 prize for Primary and Secondary Schools (incl. Special Schools). What was your town like in 1914-1918? Who went to war? Who stayed at home? Who was killed? Who ca…

The Colin Hardy Memorial Prize for 16-19 year olds is now open for written projects and video presentations for 2022


The Colin Hardy Memorial Prize is supported by The Western Front Association This is an annual competition created in memory of Colin Hardy which aims to foster interest and scholarship in the First World War among young people (ages 16-19) Essays or project reports (between 3,000 and 6,000 words) or video presentations (up to 15 minutes max …

SCHOOLS COMPETITION : Recruitment and the First World War : The Western Front Association Autumn Schools Competition for 12-14 year olds 2022


Introduction We are delighted to announce a new competition for 12-14 year olds for this autumn. It is about recruitment and the First World War.  Students are asked to research posters used during the First World War; a link to a gallery of posters is provided below. Students should then think about the reasons why both men and women, from acr…