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200 Brentano’s Launch on Stereoscope: A Call to Action!


We’re extremely excited to announce the beginning of a large-scale project to unravel the mystery of the group of manufacturers generally referred to as Brentano’s (see Stand To! issue 123). Cataloguing and describing Brentano’s stereoviews is an unenviable task, for reasons that will shortly become clear. Fortunately, through a collaboration betwe…

Stereography in the Great War (in three parts) Part I


PART ONE  Stereography in the Great War Part I: Paper card manufacturers by Ian Ference [This article first appeared in Stand To! (122 April 2021 pp. 36-41) Stereography, which for the purposes of this three–part article series can be easily understood as ‘the depiction of objects in 3D on flat surfaces’, existed before photography did. As soon…