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Illustrating Armageddon: Fortunino Matania and the First World War


By Jim Davies with a forward by Lucinda Gosling Unicorn Press £30.00 hb, 416pp, ills in monochrome and colour, no index, notes or refs.  ISBN: 9781912690015  [This review appears in the current issues of Stand To! No.119 October 2020. It is one of 13 full reviews of books about or related to the First World War in this edition. Members receive…

Drawing from History : The Forgotten Art of Fortunino Matania


Foreword by James Gurney Introduction by Lucinda Gosling Fortunino Matania was a remarkable artist and a product of his time. This equally remarkable book is a cornucopia of detail, from the introduction by Luci Gosling to the myriad reproductions of works he created for papers and magazines as well as commissions. He produced many of the icon…

A short and unequal engagement: HMS Strongbow and HMS Mary Rose


HMS Mary Rose and HMS Strongbow (two M-class destroyers) were routinely deployed on convoy duties for merchant vessels carrying coal between Scotland and Norway in 1917. The job was usually fairly mundane – described as ‘mail runs’ by one of the survivors ... but the events of 17 October 1917 would change all that. HMS Mary Rose was the seventh su…