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British Bunglers and Butchers of World War One


Book review by Gary Sheffield. I should at once declare an interest. In July 1996 the BBC screened a Timewatch documentary on Douglas Haig. Dr. Laffin appeared as the main counsel for the prosecution, while I, along with several other historians, acted for the accused. Inevitably, the demands of television over-simplified the issues - I am by no m…

The Great War: Myth and Memory by Dan Todman


Hambledon £19.99.  The Great War: Myth and Memory is  based on Dan Todman’s PhD thesis and looks at the changing perceptions of the Great War from 1918 until the present day.  There are seven chapters dealing with: mud, death, donkeys, futility, poets, veterans and modem memory.  Chapter three on 'Donkeys' is particularly illuminating. The autho…