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Staring at God: Britain in the Great War by Simon Heffer


Penguin Random House  £30 914pp, bibliog, ills, notes and refs, index. ISBN: 9781847948311  By Simon Heffer  Before offering my opinion of this book, I own up to reading the publishers press release which, as always, accompanied it. It offered the opinions of reviewers from leading magazines and the national press.  The views selected were, as…

The Blue Beast: Power and Passion in the Great War by Jonathan Walker


The History Press, Gloucs, 2013, £18.99, 224pp, 67 ills, notes, bibliog., index. ISBN: 9‒780‒752‒465‒97‒5 [This review first appeared in Stand To! No.98 September 2013] The vast majority of books I receive for review fall into straightforward categories ‒ battle narratives, personal accounts, military biographies and, occasionally, fiction. Som…