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Causes of War


A range of materials for mixed ability classes, for year 7, 8 and 9. Right click to save documents. If you have any resources you wish to share, please let us know!  Document Title Focus Format  Causes of War Explosive Barrels  The different causes of war each represented as a barrel of gunpowder. Can the students …

Why 1914? The causes of the Great War. A narrative history.


By Derek Robinson Book Review by Barbara Taylor Whistle Books, 2014, £8, 200pp, soft covers; index. Also available as a Kindle edition. I am surprised that there is no ISBN number in the book. Mr Robinson is a graduate of Cambridge University and I had imagined he had taught history, although his career was spent mostly in journalism and authors…

'The Butcher: Charles Mangin's Great War' with Tim Gale


We welcome Tim Gale to the Village Hall at Hatfield Peverell for his talk on a controversial French General. 7:30 for an 8pm start. Suggested entry donation of £3 with an optional buffet for £1.50. All welcome

'Après La Guerre: Demobilisation' with Peter Hart


We welcome the return of Peter Hart to the Royal British Legion at Hornchurch on the 12th of February 2020 to hear his presentation on demobilisation.  NOTE: The map on the 'Event Details' link is incorrect for this venue   IMAGE: British troops to be demobilized assembled in the grounds of the Expeditionary Force Canteens, December 1918. © IWM …

What got you interested in the First World War?


Tom Thorpe's opening question on the ‘Mentioned in Dispatches’ podcast series - at least for the last 80+ editions, has been to ask his guest to say who they are and say what got them interested in the First World War. The answers given are as varied as the speakers themselves.  At University Most are published historians or authors so it is no…

The First World War from Original Artefacts and Documents - David Empson


We welcome the return of David Empson for another look at part of his collection of Great War related artefacts and documents. With David there is usually the story to accompany what he exhibits, not just the items but the personal history behind it. Meet from 7:30 for an 8pm start in the bar area of the village hall at Hatfield Peverel. The bar i…

The Great War and Me - Paul Weaver


We welcome our own Paul Weaver to present a talk about his connections to the Great War. Paul had several members of his family served during the war and will be telling their stories. In addition, Paul is a key member of the 10th Essex Living History Group, a highly regarded organisation that portrays life as a "Tommy" that really focuses on educ…

'Prime Ministers on the Front' with Graham Adams


Graham will look at the role different Prime Ministers took in the Great War with special discussion on those who served in the forces such as Clement Attlee, Neville Chamberlain, Anthony Eden and Winston Churchill. Image: Major Winston Churchill, wearing a French steel shrapnel helmet, stands with General Emile Fayolle and other officers includin…

Now the War is Over talk given by Dr Daniel Weinbren


How did Britain respond to the momentous events of 1919 and 1920 as it adjusted to peace after four years of war? How did the British people cope with the massive changes and challenges that confronted them? Dr Weinbren will answer these questions, explain what happened in every sphere of life and show that even today we are still dealing w…

‘Britannia’s unruly stepchildren’, Americans in the British Armed Forces– Michael O’Brien


This talk is not about America’s entry into the Great War in 1917, but instead looks at the lives and experiences of a variety of American citizens who took matters into their own hands well before America joined the war and crossed the Atlantic to join the British armed services. Michael is a retired history teacher and published author wh…

'Boy Soldiers of the Great War: The New Evidence' with Richard van Emden


NOTE THE EARLIER DATE AS DECEMBER AND NEAR CHRISTMAS After the outbreak of the Great War, boys as young as twelve were caught up in a national wave of patriotism and, in huge numbers, volunteered to serve their country. The press, recruiting offices and the Government all contributed to the enlistment of hundreds of thousands of under-age soldiers…

'Voices From Three Crises: World War One, Covid-19 and Ukraine' - Dr Viv Newman


Viv Newman presents an overview of how three crises impacted on written culture.  The First World War led to an outpouring of literature, with professional and amateur writers and poets wielding their pens as they sought to make sense of a world that was irrevocably changing lives. Just over a century later, the Covid-19 pandemic had a similar effe…



Come along to our AGM and find out what we got up to last year, and what is planned for this one. Refreshments at ‘half-time’, followed by two slide shows – ‘Exploring Gallipoli’ by Jim Barrett, and ‘From a Portrait on a Wall - to Today’ (The Founding of MK WFA) by Jane and Roy Backhouse.

The Doughboys 1917 - 1918 Mike Sheil


When the United States entered the cataclysm of the Great War the global conflict had already lasted three long years. This talk describes what the American forces saw when they arrived at the Western Front, and their feelings and actions as they encountered bitter fighting, obliterated villages, vast cemeteries, and massive destruction. In…