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France and the Great War, 1914-1918. Leonard V Smith, Stephane Audoin- Rouzeau and Annette Becker


Cambridge University Press, 2003, 218 pp, index, illustrations, maps, bibliography. (New Approaches to European History). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. ISBN 0 521 66631 7, £15.95 soft cover; ISBN 0 521 66176 5, £42.50 hardcover. Kindle £25, Hardcover (New £111 - Used £66), Softcover (New £26 - Used £2) Prices as of 2022  Translations f…

The Indian Army in the First World War Editor Alan Jeffreys


Helion, £35.00, 313pp, Notes, refs, bibliog, index. ISBN: 978–191–151–278–3 Contributors include: Daniel Marston, Raymond Callaban, Rob Johnson, Graham Winton, Joseph Moretz, Adam Prime, Cat Wilson, David Omissi, Alan Jeffreys, Andrew Jarboe, Michael Creese, Kristian Coates Ulrichsen, Peter Stanley and Anirudh Deshpande. [This review first app…

Southampton: The Gateway to War


When Britain entered the First World War in August 1914, there was no question as to which port was going to be the focus of activity – secret planning had been ongoing for years in relation to the city of Southampton. Previously used as the point of embarkation for troops bound for both India and the Boer War, in 1912 a practice mobilisation had …

Finding the Horses for War


Horses and mules were not a marginal resource for the Army during the First World War - they were to play a crucial role in the Allied victory. Whilst motorised vehicles had started being introduced into the ranks in 1903, the horse still reigned supreme for artillery and cavalry. In 1914 the Army had a completely integrated transport system feat…

The First RFC Pilot to land in France 13 August 1914


At 6.25am on 13 August 1914, No.2 Squadron Royal Flying Corp mobilised for France. They were to follow their commanding officer Major C J Burke, a pioneer of military aviation who was noted for his courage and who had not only insisted that his squadron be the first to leave – but that his aircraft be the first to land. Above: Major Charles Burk…

August 1914 by Bruno Cabanes


One of the positive features of modern Great War scholarship is the number of books that allow historians to understand the conflict from the perspective of another of the combatant nations. Bruno Cabanes’ August 1914 tells the story of France, and French society, in that cataclysmic first month of the war. Cabanes not only draws on government arc…

The Rob Thompson Memorial Conference


The late Rob Thompson was, in his own words, an "accidental military historian". But, in the opinion of others, he was "a true scholar … with a new way of looking at the Great War" and "an off the wall character with rock star charisma". This conference celebrates his lifetime achievements - in historical research, critical interpretation and publi…

‘Mobilisation 1914’ with Phil Watson


This talk will be about mobilisation in 1914.  Image: Soldiers of the 14th Battalion, London Regiment (London Scottish) carrying out bayonet drill, 10 November 1914. Public Domain. IWM (Q 53395)