Dr Jenny Macleod, Senior Lecturer in 20th Century History at the University of Hull, talks about the 1922 Chanak Crisis and the actions of Lloyd George to try and solve the crisis with reference to the First World War.

The Chanak Crisis was a war scare in September 1922 between the United Kingdom and the Government of the Grand National Assembly in Turkey. The crisis was caused by Turkish efforts to push the Greek armies out of Turkey and restore Turkish rule in the Allied-occupied territories, primarily in Constantinople (now Istanbul) and Eastern Thrace. Turkish troops marched against British and French positions in the Dardanelles neutral zone.

For a time, war between Britain and Turkey seemed possible, but Canada refused to agree as did France and Italy. British public opinion did not want a war. The British military did not either, and the top general on the scene, Sir Charles Harington, refused to relay an ultimatum to the Turks because he counted on a negotiated settlement.