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077: September 2006


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Stoker’s Submarine; Australia’s Daring Raid on the Dardanelles on the Day of the Gallipoli Landing


Reviewed by Robin Broadhurst. Most naval historians know that the first two submarines through the Dardanelles were commanded by Royal Naval junior officers, and were deservedly, awarded the V.C. What I did not know until now, was that the first submarine to penetrate the minefields of the Narrows, AE2, was an Australian Navy vessel. Both AE1 an…

SPECIAL OFFER: 'Two Sides of the Same Wrong Penny: Gallipoli and the Western Front: A comparison' edited by Michael LoCicero with contributions from Gary Sheffield, Stephen Chambers and others.


Announcing the launch of the Western Front Association / Helion publication: Two Sides of the Same Wrong Penny: Gallipoli and the Western Front, A Comparison The year 1915 saw the BEF severely challenged on the Western Front. Recovering from the loss of the majority of experienced regulars in 1914, a largely new army had to come to terms with t…

Malaria in the Great War


A 1946 map by kind permission of the World Health Organisation) Malaria in the Great War by Dr David Payne (This article first appeared in Stand To! No.77 September 2006 pp5 - 8) Introduction Throughout history pestilence has been the cause of the majority of the casualties of war. In general, the Great War proved to be an exception, with a r…

Gallipoli : The Dardanelles Disaster in Soldiers' Words and Photographs.


An insight into the book's origins by one of its authors, Stephen Chambers: During research for our recent book on Gallipoli, co–author Richard van Emden and I came across some incredible personal accounts, most never before published. One of those to provide a fresh and illuminating version of events was that of Second Lieutenant David Rodger Fyf…

The Gallipoli Oak: A Story of a Family’s Unique Legacy to a Lancashire Fusilier by Dr Martin Purdy


PLEASE NOTE DATE CHANGE  - NOW 17 JAN In March 1922 a Lancashire businessman stepped from a cruise ship onto the Gallipoli peninsula. He was accompanied by a host of other pilgrims equally as desperate to visit this Mediterranean outpost as he and his wife, but what made James Duckworth stand out was the fact that he stepped ashore with a bucket o…

1 December 1915 : Pte James Joseph Tibbo


James was the second son of Richard Tibbo (a labourer) and his mother Mary Ann daughter of Richard Roach.  This lived at 7 Lime Street, St Johns, Newfoundland. James was educated at St Patrick's Hall and Holy Cross Christian Brothers’ Schools. A seaman, James joined the Newfoundland Regiment, 13 January 1915. James left for England 20 M…

The Zion Muleteers of Gallipoli


[This article was first published in Gun Fire No. 50. All of these magazines are now available to WFA members' via the Member Login. Joining the Western Front Association gives you access not only to the 59 editions of Gun Fire but also to all 110+ issues of the WFA's in house journal Stand To!] The Zion Muleteers of Gallipoli by Martin Sugarman…

14 February 1916 : Lieut. Richard Gavin Brown


Richard was the eldest of three children by Richard Brown MG Deputy Inspector-General RN (Ret) and Jessie (née McPherson).  He was educated Aberdeen University where he graduated MB in 1903 and was subsequently in practice at Portsmouth.  He married at St Philips, Buckingham Palace Road, London 23 November 1910 to Ruth (née Noble born 1887, H…

Ep. 80 – The Landing in the Dawn – dissecting the Anzac Gallipoli legend – Dr James Hurst


Dr James Hurst talks about his latest book (published by Helion & Co.) which reappraises the landing by the ANZAC forces on the Dardanelles on 25 April 1915.  

Victory at Gallipoli: The German–Ottoman Alliance in the First World War by Klaus Wolf


Translation from the German by Tim Iredal £30, Pen & Sword Military, illustrations. ISBN 9781526768162. There has been much excitement amongst the linguistically challenged Gallipoli historian community at the release of Victory at Gallipoli. Originally published in Germany in 2008, the book’s revision and translation exponentially increases…

Ep. 198 - Churchill and the Dardanelles - Prof. Chris Bell


Canadian historian Professor Christopher Bell, Professor of History at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada, talks about his recent book Churchill and the Dardanelles examines the role Winston Churchill in the ill-fated Gallipoli campaign.

The Landings at Sedd-el-Bahr, Gallipoli


One of the most difficult military operations that can be undertaken is that of an opposed amphibious  landing on an enemy shore.  When asked to give an example of this kind of operation, many people will automatically think of the famous and successful 'D-Day' landings in Normandy in 1944. However, April 2021 marks the 106th anniversary of an earl…

ONLINE 'Baptism of Fire! The New Zealanders at Gallipoli' by Chris Pugsley


About this talk: In 1914 the New Zealand Government placed its New Zealand Expeditionary Force (NZEF) under the British Army Act without really thinking through the consequences of what that actually meant in terms of its relationship to the NZEF that it was required to train and reinforce and to its public represented the hopes and dreams of its p…

Submarine operations at Gallipoli in 1915


When we think about submarine warfare in the First World War, most people’s thoughts turn to the German use of unrestricted submarine warfare, this being was one of the factors that ultimately brought about the entry of the USA into the war in 1917. The British and Empire nations’ use of submarines is largely a forgotten subject. However, during t…

From the Dardanelles to Dunkirk by Peter Hodgkinson and Andrew Rice


From the Dardanelles to Dunkirk Peter Hodgkinson and Andrew Rice Printed by Amazon, 2022.   299 pp. 19 photos, 8 maps. Bibliography. ISBN 9798405428369. This is an ambitious book which tells the story of six officers, all of the Rice family and spans 65 years (1887-1952) including two World Wars. It sets out to place each officer in the contex…

The Royal Navy and the Dardanelles with Dr. John Peaty


Our presentation this month explores the naval actions in the Dardanelles at the effect on the Royal Navy and future naval strategy. John's presentation will include details of the involvements of different personalities and discuss success or failure! 

'From Greenwich lad to Four-War Warrior: Vice-Adm "Kipper" Robinson VC' by Clive Harris


Caption: Commemorative stone outside Robinson's Greenwich birthplace About the talk: Local Greenwich lad, Clive Wilson, talks about another Greenwich lad, Vice Admiral Eric Gascoigne Robinson VC (1882-1965), known to his friends as 'Kipper'. During his extraordinarily career, Kipper fought in four wars with distinction, sometimes serving alongside…

Ep.307 – The 1922 Chanak Crisis and the legacy of the First World War – Dr Jenny Macleod


Dr Jenny Macleod, Senior Lecturer in 20th Century History at the University of Hull, talks about the 1922 Chanak Crisis and the actions of Lloyd George to try and solve the crisis with reference to the First World War. Your browser does not support the audio element. …

The Gallipoli Association Fifth Regional Conference in partnership with the Heart of England WFA


Conference Programme 9.15am Registration starts (Tea and Coffee on arrival)  10.00am Conference commences 12.30 Lunch (not provided)    4.00 pm Finish A display of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment in Gallipoli will feature some rare photographs, documents, medals and other artefacts. Speakers: Stephen Chambers: 'Jack Tar: Churchill’s Lit…