'Introduction to the Great War in Africa' - Anne Samson
11 Sep

At our Hatfield Peverel venue this will be the first visit of Anne Samson to the Essex Branch, to present a talk on a subject that I suspect most will have only a small knowledge of but carried on over the whole course of the First World War.

This talk provides an overview of how Africa became involved in the First World War, why British Africa was involved, it will outline the four main campaigns (Togo, Cameroon, southwest Africa / Namibia, and East Africa) and touches on Egypt. It also examines other peacekeeping encounters during the war. Only two white British units participated in the war in Africa, the rest were either African-raised, or Indian, West Indian, or composite forces. In closing the talk compares the experience of the African campaigns with the Western Front.

 Meet at the Village Hall, Hatfield Peverel, in the room off the bar, from 7:30 for an 8pm start. Entrance donation is £3.50 and, as ever, those who are not members of the WFA are very welcome to attend. There is parking on site, and we have access to the bar

Village Hall, Hatfield Peverell, Maldon Road, CM3 2HP.
07912 791708
11 Sep 2024 19:45