'A Lancashire Fusilier's War by Tricia Rothwell'
07 Nov

A Lancashire Fusilier's War by Tricia Rothwell

This talk is based on the book 'A Lancashire Fusilier's First World War' by Norman Hall edited by his granddaughter.  His granddaughter is the speaker Tricia Rothwell.  The talk deals with his war service, his diary and the conversion of the diary into a book.

The book has received excellent reviews from the WFA, Long Long Trail and Great War Forum.

Michael Lucas reviewed the book in Stand To! no. 122 April 2021.

'This highly recommended book will particularly appeal to those with an interest in Lancashire and especially the Lancashire Territorials, it also deserves a wider audience.'

Tricia donates £9 to charity from each book sold to the Combat Stress and copies will be available for purchase.

Victoria Institute, 2-4 Brookhouse Road, Caton, Lancaster LA2 9QT
07 Nov 2022 19:00