Charles Edward Shrimpton, Worcestershire Regiment 1919 – 1952, a talk by Pete MacCormac
17 May

Pete is a member of our branch and creates talks about members of his and his wife’s families and last year gave a talk after the AGM

This talk is about Charles Edward Shrimpton, Pete’s maternal grandad. He had a tough start to life, but found his calling in a post-war Army with The Worcestershire Regiment.

There were some ‘bumps in the road’ during his time but ultimately, he had a very successful career. One area where Charles Edward excelled was as a marksman and he, and shooting teams he was in, won many trophies and upheld the tradition of the Regiment who have always produced great individual shots and shooting teams.

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IMAGE : The Worchestershire (sic) Regiment marched out of the canal gate, while Commandant General Tom Ennis, Colonel Commandant Thornton and a unit of the Dublin Guards. 1922. 

St Peter’s Village Hall, St Peter’s Drive, Worcester WR5 3TA
17 May 2024 19:30