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14 July 1915 : Kaiserschütze Rudolf Huber, k.k. Landesschützen-Regiment ‘Bozen’ Nr. 2


Rudolf was a dairy farm worker from Dornbirn, Austria.  Recalled as a reservist in July 1914, he saw service in Austria and then Poland, taking part in the Battles of Limanowa in December 1914 and Bukowina in March 1915. He was killed in action near Czernowitz, Ukraine on 14 July 1915. His grave location is unrecorded. 14 July 1915 killed in …

Film Review : '1918 The Battle of Kruty' by Aleksey Shaparev


1918 The Battle of Kruty is top and tailed by a contemporary Ukrainian soldier visiting the memorial to those killed at Kruty in January 1918 the tale tells the story of a group of students, their loves and families, as plucky efforts are made to stave off the conquest of Ukraine by the burgeoning and enormous forces of the Bolshevik army. With a k…

The Other First World War: The Blood–Soaked Russian Fronts 1914–1922 by Douglas Boyd


The Other First World War: The Blood–Soaked Russian Fronts 1914–1922 The History Press, £16.99, 256pp, soft back, 38 ills, 6 maps, index, notes and refs. ISBN: 978–075–096–405–0 Let us get this out of the way for starters; I know far too little about the Great War on the Eastern Fronts (note the plural). I’ve always suspected it to be the case…

The Mountain War, A Doctor’s Diary of the Italian Campaign 1914 – 1918


By Dr Isaak A Barash Pen & Sword, 2021 £20.00, 220 pages, photographs and index ISBN 978–1–39909–310–1 [This book review first appeared in the April 2022 issues of Stand To! No.126] There are so few Austrian or Italian memoirs from the Italian Front translated into English that it’s refreshing to find this offering from Pen & Sword de…

Ep.261a – In the Centennial Footsteps of the Great War – Attila Szalay-Berzeviczy


In this special podcast, Dr Tom Thorpe talks to historian and photographer Attila Szalay-Berzeviczy about the launch of his book In the Centennial Footsteps of the Great War. Your browser does not support the audio element. The two-volume bo…

In the Centennial Footsteps of the Great War from Sarajevo to Versailles VOL I  by Attila Szalay-Berzeviczy


It is an ambitious author and photographer who states that the aim of his book is to ‘help prevent the Third World War’, but from someone who is now Hungary’s Ambassador to France, I applaud his ambition that if we ‘understand the reasons and the consequences of the First World War’, we can understand the reasons and consequences of all war, let al…

The Journal of The Western Front Association Stand To! No. 132 is out today


Stand To! No.132 is out now. Print copies have been delivered, digital copies are about to go out to Digital Members, and it will also shortly be made available via out digital search plaform.  Stand To! 132 Contents The Camera Returns (113) by Bob Grundy and Steve Wall...4–5 The War in Ukraine and the First World War by Hew Strachan...6–11 …

132: October 2023 Special Edition


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THE LEGION OF UKRAINIAN SICH RIFLEMEN, 1914-1920.   By Marcin Hasik   The outbreak of the Great War saw a number of smaller nations such as the Czechs, Poles and Irish forming independent units within big Empires in the hope of gaining independence or some sort of autonomy. The Legion of Ukrainian Sich Riflemen of the Austro-Hungarian Army was …

'Voices From Three Crises: World War One, Covid-19 and Ukraine' - Dr Viv Newman


Viv Newman presents an overview of how three crises impacted on written culture.  The First World War led to an outpouring of literature, with professional and amateur writers and poets wielding their pens as they sought to make sense of a world that was irrevocably changing lives. Just over a century later, the Covid-19 pandemic had a similar effe…