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The Emperors: How Europe’s Rulers were destroyed by The First World War


By Gareth Rusell Amberley Publishing, 2015, £9.99, 227pp, soft covers; illustrated plus notes, bibliography and index Also available in hardback. ISBN 978-1-4456-5020-0 Book review by Barbara Taylor   To understand how the First World War came about, it is necessary to understand the way in which regimes in the main empires involved operated. …

Dance of the Furies: Europe and the Outbreak of War, 1914 - Michael S. Neiberg


336 pages Belknap Press Publication Date: 10/14/2013 ISBN 9780674725935 ‘Dance of the Furies’ by Michael S Neiberg is a definitive social history of Europe leading up to the outbreak of world war, its initial spasms and the first months of the conflict.  ‘Dance of the Furies’ is a comprehensive academic study into the lives of those who were l…

Mutiny in North Russia 7 July 1919


In the early morning of 7 July 1919, four British Officers were killed by men in their battalion – one further officer subsequently died of his wounds a few days later. All were serving in Dyer’s Battalion of the Slavo-British Legion in the North Russian Expeditionary Force and are now buried in Archangel Allied Cemetery. Above: Archangel Allie…

Film Review : '1918 The Battle of Kruty' by Aleksey Shaparev


1918 The Battle of Kruty is top and tailed by a contemporary Ukrainian soldier visiting the memorial to those killed at Kruty in January 1918 the tale tells the story of a group of students, their loves and families, as plucky efforts are made to stave off the conquest of Ukraine by the burgeoning and enormous forces of the Bolshevik army. With a k…

History's Greatest Heist: the Looting of Russia by the Bolsheviks by Sean McMeekin


Yale, 2008 $38, 228 pp, ills, index.  ISBN 978 0 3001 3558 9  This is a factual tale of cops and robbers, mainly robbers, who claimed they were Robin Hoods expropriating the expropriators to benefit the proletariat. Almost all the gold, currency, silver, jewels and jewellery the Bolsheviks seized from Russian and foreign bankers, industrialists,…

"The Law of Unintended Consequences: The road to Sarajevo" by Ross Beadle


A bizarre and unlikely chain of events almost totally beyond the control of the Great Powers led to the assassination of Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo in June 1914. And had it happened ten or even five years earlier, the assassination would not have even mattered a jot. This talk examines the sequence of chance events of the preceding 36 years, and e…

The Russian Front by Phil Tomaselli


We welcome Phil Tomaselli who will be speaking on the Russian Front and explain this little known period of the Great War and how it would lead to the downfall of Russian Royalty.

Ep.309 – Russian military strategy in the First World War – Dr Sofya Anisimova


Dr Sofya Anisimova talks about Russian military strategy during the First World War.


Sofya is a post doctoral researcher at University College Dublin in Ireland. Sofya examines the military…

The Journal of The Western Front Association Stand To! No. 132 is out today


Stand To! No.132 is out now. Print copies have been delivered, digital copies are about to go out to Digital Members, and it will also shortly be made available via out digital search plaform.  Stand To! 132 Contents The Camera Returns (113) by Bob Grundy and Steve Wall...4–5 The War in Ukraine and the First World War by Hew Strachan...6–11 …

'Voices From Three Crises: World War One, Covid-19 and Ukraine' - Dr Viv Newman


Viv Newman presents an overview of how three crises impacted on written culture.  The First World War led to an outpouring of literature, with professional and amateur writers and poets wielding their pens as they sought to make sense of a world that was irrevocably changing lives. Just over a century later, the Covid-19 pandemic had a similar effe…

'A Long Way from France & Flanders - Experiences of British Military Personnel in South Russia 1916-1920' - Alan Wakefield


After a long break we welcome the return of Alan Wakefield to Hatfield Peverel.  This talk covers the RNAS armoured cars under Oliver Locker-Lampson and the various British forces sent to south Russia as part of the Intervention at the end of the First World War. These units fought in the Caucasus alongside the White Russian Army. This is an area …

Did World War One cause more tension or unity between ethnic components of Empires on the Eastern front


The following essay submitted to the 2023 Colin Hardy Memorial Prize was the first runner up. It is by Arthur Beresford Jones, age 17, attending the Stephen Perse Foundation, Cambridge. The Eastern Front of the First World War is an often overlooked aspect of the war. While the Western Front arguably entailed the largest and most destructive battl…

'Elope with the RAF' with Andy Tonge


Andy Tonge will be talking about 'Elope with the RAF' This is the name given to Allied forces operating out of Archangel and fighting on the Dvina river in Russia. Featured image: Bolshevik prisoners under the custody of US troops in Arkhangelsk 1918. Paul Mentzer Photographs of the Great War

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