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'Soldiers of God' by Dr Rodney Attwell


Dr Rodney Attwell will be giving a talk he calls 'Soldiers of God'. This talk will look at the brave men of the Royal Army Chaplain's Service who in the most part went to war armed only with their faith, many were decorated for their bravery including winning three VCs . "If the men can't go to church then the church must go to the men."   Thi…

VIRTUAL MEETING 'Woodbine Willie' by Linda Parker


The June meeting will be an on-line Zoom meeting with Linda Parker talking about “Woodbine Willie”.  Details of how to join the meeting will be given in Andy Thompson’s June email.  This will be sent out to everyone on our email list.  If you don’t receive Andy’s emails contact him at Geoffrey Studdert Kennedy became one of the …

Died one day, buried two days later by his father


On 8 November 1915 a young officer, 2/Lt Kenneth Theodore Dunbar Wilcox, was killed whilst serving in the 8th Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment).Two days later he was buried by his father the chaplain to the forces. Kenneth Wilcox was the only son of Rev. G.A. Wilcox and Mrs H.L. Wilcox. Rev. Wilcox was the vicar of St George’s Battersea Park an…

Frontline or Field ambulance? Where were Chaplains best placed to help?


On 25th April 1915 Father William Joseph Finn became the first British military chaplain to be killed in action in the First World War. His death ignited a debate that continues to resonate with chaplains who serve the Armed Forces in the present day – where are they best placed to help?   Above: Father William Finn and the cemetery at V Beach at…

Robert Keable. Utterly Immoral WW1 chaplain?


Robert Keable. Utterly Immoral WW1 chaplain? When Robert Keable’s First World War novel Simon Called Peter was published, critics called it ‘offensive’, ‘a libel’ and reeking of ‘drink and lust’. Scott Fitzgerald suggested it was ‘utterly immoral’ and referenced it in The Great Gatsby. The novel became a huge international best-seller, a Broadway …

Simon Keable Elliott - Robert Keable - An utterly immoral WW1 Chaplin


Simon introduces us to Robert Keable. Robert was an Army Chaplin during the Great War and had a relationship with a nurse resulting in him leaving his wife and writing a book. We'll leave Simon to tell more on this fascinating story!!

'Robert Keable, Utterly Immoral WW1 Chaplain?' - Simon Keable Elliott


This talk is about a WW1 Chaplain, related to our speaker, who was a pre-war missionary in Africa, and who was closely involved with the formation of the South African Native Labour Corps. This talk tells their story, and Robert’s, in Europe during the War. The story will also move post war period when Robert wrote a best-selling war-related book w…