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Our February 2017 Newsletter


  Welcome to the February edition of the Newsletter.  The topical photograph this month is of my great-grandfather John Welch (1876 – 1926), East Surrey Regt.  Unfortunately his records are lost but from family stories he went to France in January or February 1917 after suffering from Pleurisy whilst at Dover Castle.  In the summer of 1918 he wa…

Tackling the six biggest classroom clichés of the First World War


Teaching the Great War and tackling the classroom clichés Teaching History at School Image from 'Peace and War International Relations 1900-1939 GCSE Modern World History by Steven Waugh and John Wright for EDEXCEL Teaching the Great War Originally published by the Journal of the Centre for First World Studies in 2002. This was posted with pe…

The First World War in the Classroom: Teaching and the Construction of Cultural Memory


[This article first appeared in Bulletin 99 August 20214] Barely forty-eight hours into the first centenary year of the First World War, History teachers found themselves under attack from the Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove, for the way the topic was (believed) to be taught in British classrooms. His remarks quickly developed int…