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20 October 1918 : Cpl Gilbert P Hamilton


Gilbert was a machinist by trade. He enlisted into the Indiana National Guard (Co B, 4th Infantry) on 4 May 1917 and was sent to Camp Shelby, Missouri, where he was assigned to the 139th FAR. Sent overseas in early October 1918, he died of influenza in hospital in Manchester (England) on 20 October 1918 where he was buried. Gilbert's body was …

28 December 1917 : Wagoner Ned Vandeventer


Son Winfield (farmer) and Sarah 'Lizzie' Vandeventer. Siblings in 1900 included Grace (3) and Maranda 'Randa' (1). By the time of the 1910 Census he had a further four brothers and sisters: Mandy, John, Avis and Scott.  Ned, who farmed for his father before the war, attested age 21 into the US Army on 4 June 1917 and was called up that October.…

3 July 1918 : Pvt John L Vaughn


Son of James Clinton (farmer) and Sarah Jane (née Lytle). Vaughn. John was one of 12 children in the family, of whom only four outlived their parents: two died in infancy, another five between the ages of 14 and 39.    John entered service at Lagrange, Indiana on 20 September 1917 and received training at Camp Taylor and Camp Shelby where he …