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075: January 2006


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1914-1918 Essays on Leadership & War by John Terraine : Introduction by Correlli Barnett


The articles that made up 'Leadership & War' were edited by Ann Clayton, in 1998 the Honorary Editor of Stand To! the Journal, The Western Front Association with an introduction by Correlli Barnett, the newly appointed Honorary President, The Western Front Association. 'Leadership & War' was published in September 1998 by the Trustees of T…

Britain in the First World War : Lecture given by John Terraine in 1988


(Lecture given by John Terraine in 1988) The 1914-1918 War was, for Britain, a traumatic experience - hence the emotional reactions to it which continue this day. It was, I am certain, far more traumatic for Britain than for Europeans, and far, far more so than it was for America. It was also far more traumatic for Britain than the Second World Wa…

Correlli Barnett Remembered 1927-2022


It is with great sadness that we have learned of the death of Correlli Barnett who was the President of The Western Front Association from 1998 to 2011.  Born on 28 June 1927, Correlli Douglas Barnett was educated at Trinity School, Croydon and at Exeter College, Oxford. He undertook National Service with the Intelligence Corps between 1945 and 19…

Remembering Correlli Barnett by Prof Peter Simkins


When I was a young, and very green, military historian in the early 1960s, three or four figures in particular loomed largest in my personal horizons. They included Michael Howard, who was then doing so much to establish war studies; Basil Liddell Hart, for whom I worked as an archivist and research assistant in 1962 and 1963; John Terraine, whose …