Notes by the Way (From the Editor)

  • The Western Front Association's 25th Anniversary
  • Notes on Guidance for contributors

John Terraine and Television History by Correlli Barnett 

Territorial Force Nursing Service 1908-21 by Sue Light 

Beaumont Hamel: The Recovery, construction, and reconstruction of a site of national memory by Professor Paul Gough 

The Asylum War Hospital Scheme: Crises and solutions in the treatment of Great War casualties by Dr John Hopkins 

The Camera Returns (57) George V at Hermin by Steve Wall and Bob Grundy 

A 'Brummie' Admiral: Somerset Arthur Gough-Calthorpe by J P Lethbridge 

Garrisoning the Raj during the Great War 1st Battalion Durham Light Infantry India & Pakistan, 1914-1919 by David Thompson MLitt

The Curious Story of Captain Allastair Mcready-Diarmid VC by Graham Adams 

List of Contents For Stand To! Issues 45 to 74

  • Personal Accounts, Diaries and Veteran's Reminiscences 
  • Personalities 
  • Army Organisation 
  • Weapons
  • Poetry
  • Heroes All
  • Members' Research
  • The Home Front
  • Miscellaneous Photo and Pictorial Features 

Woodrow Wilson and America's Entry into the Great War by L. Shurtleff 

The Military Service of Harry Osmond Fielding 1914-1921 by Dr Jonathan Hicks 

Letters in Record Offices

Letters from the Trenches

Letters from Internment

'Without Exception, the Bravest Man I Have Ever Met': The remarkable story of Lieut-Colonel C G G Humphries DSO, MC and Bar, DCM by E W Lever 

Jimmy Carpenter's War Diary (Part IV) Edited Peter Mealyer and Colin Hague 

Representations of the German Military Effort on the Western Front January to July 1917 by G. Fong


German Military Effort on the Western Front, Jan-July 1917

Setting Out Towards the Twilight: The War Diary of Ernest Standler by Michael O'Brien 

Communication Lines (Letters to the Editor)

  • Haig from Neil Hanson author 'The Unknown Soldier' 
  • Revisionist History and 'The Donkeys' from Ian Herrity 
  • Multiple Losses in One Family from John Symonds 

Garrison Library (First World War Book Reviews)

  • The Battlefields of the First World War: The Unseen Panoramas of the Western Front by Peter Barton
  • The Jewish Legion and the First World War by Martin Watts
  • No Finer Courage. A Village in the Great War by Michael Senior
  • The Great War and Juvenile Literature by Michael Paris
  • A Very Parfit Gentil Knight by Simon Harris
  • The Kaiser: New Research on Wilhelm II's Role in Imperial German by Annika Mombauer and William Deist
  • In the Pink: The Letters of Lieutenant John Lawton 1915-1919 
  • Farming and Forestry on the Western Front by Murray Maclean
  • The Life and Selected Works of Rupert Brooke by John Frayne Turner
  • Massacre of the Innocents - the Crofton Diaries, Ypres 1914-15
  • Bradford Pals by David Raw
  • Cameos of the Western Front: Salient Points Four. Ypres Sector 1914-18 by Tony Spagnoly & Ted Smith
  • The German ARmy on the Somme 1914-1916 by Jack Sheldon
  • A History of No.10 Squadron Royal Navy Air Service in World War I by Mike Westrop
  • 1914-1918 The History of the First World War by David Stevenson
  • German Strategy and the Path to Verdun: Erich von Falkenhayn and the Development of Attrition by Robert T Foley
  • The Royal Berkshire Regiment 1914-1959 by Martin Macintyre

War Art: Major John Empson Tindall MC (Part III) by David Cohen 



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